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This is my all-time FAVORITE health resource! It was given to me by my functional medicine doctor and is contains so much helpful information about our brain functioning and how to keep functioning at peak performance or how to help it recover after suffering damage. Often we think about neurological damage only being a result of severe head trauma, but our nervous system can be impaired and damaged from common problems like systemic inflammation and underlying health problems as well. This book talks through ways to keep our nervous system as healthy as possible. If you deal with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or any other mental health problem--get this book! If you deal with autoimmune disease or any neurological condition--get this book! If you are anyone who just cares about health and wants to preserve your memory and physical strength as you age--get this book! This book is great for everyone and I personally wish everyone owned a copy. If I didn't use mine so often I would loan it out to everyone, it's that helpful! Click on the link below to check it out and get a copy for yourself!!

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I have officially lost count of how many times a friend has told me that they had their thyroid tested and it was "normal," yet they are still showing all the signs of a thyroid condition. For me personally, that was fatigue, hair loss, severe brain fog, mental illness, and feeling extremely cold. Doctors ignored this and told me that my tests were "in the normal range" and that my thyroid was not the cause of my problems. It wasn't until I began seeing my functional medicine doctor and reading this book, that I understood why this is such a common problem and why so many people were walking around with undiagnosed thyroid disorders. I highly recommend this book to everyone, even those without thyroid symptoms, because it brings awareness to what is sadly, a very common issue. Click the link below to get a copy for yourself!

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When I began researching supplements, I quickly learned that they are not all created equal. Some have really bad-for you fillers in them, or don't actually contain what they claim they do. It was an overwhelming process trying to figure out which vitamins were high-quality and worth investing my money in. This brand, Biotics Research, comes highly recommended by my functional medicine doctor. You can only get your hands on some of this brands' supplements through a qualified healthcare practitioner, but thankfully you can find some of the more basic ones like their multivitamin and vitamin d drops (see next picture) on Amazon. So, if you want to just take the guess-work out of finding a quality vitamin like I did, I trust this brand (just google them and read their quality control!) and highly recommend them! The link below will take you to a bottle of 270 tablets on Amazon! 

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Everything I just said about Biotics Research when I was discussing the Multi-Vitamin above stands true for their Vitamin D supplement as well. I used to buy my Vitamin D drops at the supermarket, not understanding the importance of quality control. I trust this brand, and you can find lots of information about their quality control on their website! Again, you can't buy all of their supplements without a healthcare practitioner, but thankfully this is another that you can find on Amazon! The link below will take you to it! 


The health benefits of collagen are vast. Collagen itself is hard for our body to digest, so when taking it, it's important to look for hydrolyzed collagen, or collagen peptides. Collagen is the main protein found in our bodies and it is important for bone health, hair and nail growth, liver and cardiovascular health, and it can help to heal leaky gut. Collagen peptides are an easy, almost tasteless thing to add to soup, coffee, tea, smoothies or any other liquid to give it a protein and health boost. I like to add a scoop to my morning tea or to a smoothie after I workout to get some good, healthy protein. My husband loves it in his coffee! I like this brand the best because it is grass-fed, and antibiotic and hormone free which are important qualifications when picking a collagen powder to use! Use the link below if you want to try it! 

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BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids and they are generally consumed right before or during a workout to preserve muscle and stabilize blood sugar. This supplement has been a game-changer for me! It helps with protein synthesis in the body and is especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass when on a calorie-deficit diet. It also helps to stabilize blood glucose and keep them constant, which is very helpful for people like be who have reactive hypoglycemia! Stabilizing glucose/insulin in the body is critical when trying to reduce inflammation and improve overall health. This particular brand of BCAA powder is high-quality, which is extremely important. Use the link below if you are interested in trying it! 


I often get asked if I have a favorite Paleo cookbook--HERE IT IS! So many cookbooks overwhelm me with their many ingredients or complex meals. Not to mention the fact that they tend to suggest expensive foods and ingredients that make it hard to practically stick to a diet long term. This cookbook gives tips to help make eating paleo affordable and easy. I highly recommend it! The link below will take you to order it if you are looking for a great cookbook! 

It's common knowledge that refined sugar is bad for our body, but what do we use instead?! Pure maple syrup and honey are healthier replacements, but they still affect our precious glucose/insulin balance in our bodies, not to mention they are loaded with calories. Liquid Stevia is a great option to use as a sugar alternative without the potentially negative effects on blood sugar or calorie intake. It should still be used in moderation, just like other sweeteners, but its a great option to sweeten tea, smoothies, etc. when we don't want sugar. When choosing Stevia, it's important to choose a liquid, as powdered Stevia is heavily refined. The link below will take you to the liquid stevia I recommend! 

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Most people are aware that bone broth is super nourishing and healing to the body, but we don't always have the time to make our own. Bone broth powder is a great way to get the nutrients of bone broth without the hassle of simmering and straining bones. I have added this to smoothies before, but personally it's my favorite mixed into tea or a glass of hot water. I like to use it after workouts to get a protein boost, or in the morning to help stabilize my blood sugar. When buying a bone broth powder, organic and or grass-fed with no added ingredients is best. That's why I chose this powder, because the only ingredient is organic beef broth powder and it's free from antibiotics and hormones. The link below will take you straight to this on Amazon, as sometimes it takes a lot of scrolling to get to this particular powder. 

The GAPS diet is the first major "diet" we tried when I began experiencing chronic health problems. GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and it is based on the understanding that mental illness starts in the gut. This diet is focused on healing the gut and improving mental health as a result. The GAPS diet is a little different from the diet recommended in the books I previously mentioned by Datis Kharrazian, but both are very helpful. The main difference in this diet is the inclusion of fermented dairy (kefir, yogurt, sour cream, etc) and sprouted grains (in the later stages of the diet). My family saw dramatic improvements in how we felt while on this diet and surprising improvements in the digestive systems of my one son while he was consuming the fermented food. So, even though I am no longer on this diet, I still highly recommend it as a starting point for anyone looking to heal their gut or who are not quite ready for the loss of dairy in AIP paleo (the diet recommended by Datis Kharrazian). Follow the link below to order the book and get started on the GAPS diet! I highly recommend getting the book as a guide if you start the diet, it's very helpful in understanding the methods, what to eat, and what supplements to take. (Personal photo to come! My book is currently out on loan!)