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Here I Am

Way back when I was in grade school I loved to write. Every day I would sit down with my notebook and write stories, thoughts, and poems. When I was in high school, my mom said I should be a writer, and I laughed it off. People don’t just write and share it with people. Do they? I had no concept of how people shared their writings with the world, and I didn’t really care, because I wrote only for myself. I tossed around the idea of starting a blog at the end of my high school years, but fear kept me from it....

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Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes

Somewhere, somehow, I got lost. I don’t know if I lost my ambition, lost my desire, or just plain lost myself. I went from having an ambitious, “I-can-do-anything” mindset all of my life to an anxiety-ridden “scared-to-try-anything” attitude. The pressures that once propelled me forward now cripple me. And I’m on a mission to get my confidence back. I’m mustering up every last ounce of determination left in my heart to move forward and believe once again that I can move mountains...

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