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Why It's Hard to Celebrate My Son's First Birthday

My baby turns a year old today. I should be looking back at pictures reminiscing the memories, the good times. I should be smiling because the year was filled with joyful baby snuggles, baby-wearing, rocking, breastfeeding, and so many other parts of motherhood that I adored and dreamed of. But unfortunately, that's not the case for us. 

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A Fuller Life than I could Dream

I am not living my dream. No, my dream consisted of being a homemaker and mom with well-behaved kids who started “preschool” at home by a year old. My dream kids knew their numbers, colors, and alphabet by the time they were two. In my dream life, my house was clean, I read my Bible daily, I showered and put on makeup each morning, and I made tasty snacks for playdates with the many friends I had. In my dream life, I was wearing clean clothes and my hair was curled when I greeted my husband at the door with a kiss each day. My husband and I rarely fought, because communication was our strong point and deep conversation was our favorite way to spend time together...

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Heart Lessons from a Toddler

He looked back at me and my husband before he proceeded to run towards the playground. Every few minutes we would see him looking our direction smiling, checking to see if we were still there, excited to know that we were watching him play. Part of the time he seemed nervous, like he was waiting for us to nod our approval and assure him of his safety before he continued on. Part of the time he seemed to be longing for attention or excitedly showing us how he could go down the slide alone. And, as I stood there patting myself on the back for how I have raised a securely attached son (anyone ever taken a childhood psychology class?!), I started to ask myself if I had a “secure attachment” with my Heavenly Father....

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Toddlers, Toilets, and Freedom in Christ

I heard giggles, not the “I’m-playing-sweetly-with-my-toys” giggles, the other kind—slightly mischievous and far too happy to trust. When I entered the room to investigate, I didn’t even have to speak before his hands flung out of the toilet, he put his head down, and he ran as fast as he could away from me.

My typical reaction would be to scold him and make him walk back to the bathroom to clean up his mess and wash his hands. (We have our toilet-water cleaning routine down to a science because mom-brain is real and this lady can’t remember to close the bathroom door.) However, today was different because the Holy Spirit used that moment to teach me...

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The Gift I Didn’t Want, The Gift that Changed My Life

I was wrought with anxiety. The kind that makes you feel like you are having a heart attack 24/7. It was debilitating and I couldn’t function. My grades dropped, my productivity tanked, and my husband thought he had just married a crazy lady.

A little background for you—I got married over Christmas break my senior year of college. Just weeks after getting married I began my last semester of college, I started a new internship in a public accounting firm, and I began the time-consuming task of keeping up a home. Due to the stress, I sat down in prayer knowing I needed the Lord’s strength. I wanted the Christian marriage every young girl dreams of and I wanted success in school and at my new job. That could only happen with God’s help...

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