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How Functional Medicine Changed My Life

My life was falling apart. Suspected causes of my nerve pain and intense bladder urgency and pain included multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis, lupus, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome--no doctor could quite figure it out. 

I was always in pain. My whole body hurt. I had tingling, burning sensations covering my body......

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Understanding Suffering and the Truth about God

Have you ever been angry at God for letting you go through a difficult trial? Maybe you are dealing with illness, loss, or pain in any other form. It seems unfair and confusing sometimes for people that a good God would allow such pain in the world. I used to think I understood why, and I was confident that my faith was strong enough to endure painful trials whenever they should come. Then, I came into a period of suffering in my life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, and suddenly doubts, fear, and intense anger towards God began swirling through my mind.

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Heart Lessons from a Toddler

He looked back at me and my husband before he proceeded to run towards the playground. Every few minutes we would see him looking our direction smiling, checking to see if we were still there, excited to know that we were watching him play. Part of the time he seemed nervous, like he was waiting for us to nod our approval and assure him of his safety before he continued on. Part of the time he seemed to be longing for attention or excitedly showing us how he could go down the slide alone. And, as I stood there patting myself on the back for how I have raised a securely attached son (anyone ever taken a childhood psychology class?!), I started to ask myself if I had a “secure attachment” with my Heavenly Father....

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