Overcoming Low Self-Confidence


This is for all you girls who struggle with low self-confidence. This is for all you women who let what others think of you define what you will and won’t do. This is for all you sisters in Christ who believe the lies that you are not capable of achieving your dreams.

To you, all of you, I say this:

You are more than enough, more than capable, and more than able to make confident decisions for yourself.

I believed those same lies for many years. I wrestled with low confidence and fear of what others thought of me. I chose not to pursue dreams for fear I’d fail. I chose to walk the “safe” road, even if it wasn’t my “desired” road. I chose to let what other people said fuel insecurities. I chose to let other people’s criticisms define my capabilities.

Until one day I said “no more.” I took back my life, my courage, and my dreams. I set boundaries in relationships that brought discouragement. I pursued friendships with those who encouraged me. I began listening to podcasts that fueled my drive. I began reading Scripture and trusting its words—TRUSTING it is key.

What happened surprised me—FREEDOM. I finally felt freedom. I felt freedom to make my own choices, to stop asking for everyone’s opinion and to pursue what I wanted. I let go of people-pleasing, and sought to please God only. And the weight of my insecurities started to melt away.

Confidence replaced my insecurities. Determination replaced my hesitation. Courage replaced my fear. I began to own my identity in Christ, to chase my dreams, and to put off everything that pulled me away from my calling. And when I did, the truths of Scripture, the promises of God, SET ME FREE.

You are more than enough. You are beautiful. You are unique. You have a voice, a purpose, a personality to be cherished.

You are smart enough to make your own decisions. You have a God available 24/7 to help you process decisions, lead you to incredible mentors, and to guide you towards the paths you should take. You don’t need a million voices in your head confusing you, telling you who you should be. The one voice that matters is the voice of the Holy Spirit, and that voice can only truly be heard when we silence the rest of them and commit to listening to Him.

You are equipped to chase your dreams. You may not know everything you need to know, yet, but you can learn and grow and pursue what you love. You can ask God for wisdom and guidance and help as you pursue your passions. God has a mission for you, and if He laid it on your heart, He’s going to help you through it. Trust Him. Don’t believe the Enemy. Believe God, because He cares for you.

This world is full of negativity, jealousy, and competition. People are often quick to criticize and condemn, but God equips us, He fills us with grace and confidence. God tells us to invest our talents, He asks us to be faithful with them. He doesn’t want fear to keep us from our calling, to cause us to bury our talents (Matthew 25).

You have a talent. You have been equipped by God. You just need to seek Him and ask Him how to love yourself, how to quiet the voices that discourage you, and how to please Him by pursuing the dreams He’s laid on your heart. Ask Him to align your passions with His and walk with you. Because with God by your side, when your striving to live for Him, you truly cannot fail.

So, to all you women struggling with low self-confidence, worrying about what others think, or fearful to chase your dreams, to you I say “Choose God. Chase God. And then trust God.

Questions for Reflection:

1) What is one lie you are currently believing that you can replace with a truth of Scripture?

2) What is one little step you can take today to boost your confidence and pursue your dream?

3) What is the biggest prayer, fear, or insecurity in your heart? Can you, through prayer, begin to give that to God today?

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