hi there, i'm sydney kirkpatrick

Mental Health Advocate. Functional Medicine Nut. Wife. Mother. And, most importantly, child of God. I exist to spread the amazing love and peace that our God offers us through His Son. I am here in this space to inspire, motivate, and empower women, through the Word of God, to live lives worthy of the calling they, we, have received (Ephesians 4:1).


A few years ago I could be found crippled by anxiety and depression with my home and marriage falling apart. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, my faith in God was wavering, and I felt like a hopeless mess of a wife. When I thought things couldn't get worse...they did. 

I quickly found my physical health starting to fail me at just 23 years old. Digestive problems I'd had for years got worse, leaving me severely bloated, nauseous, and uncomfortable each day. Pelvic pain and bladder pain that was barely noticeable after my first childbirth became worse with each passing day of my second pregnancy, rising to unbearable levels after delivering my second son. Brain fog, joint pain, and dizziness that I thought were just "my normal" resulted in multiple falls down the stairs, flaring my pelvic pain even worse. I developed nerve pain and uncomfortable sensations over my entire body. And, as all these health issues worsened over the course of a couple years, my anxiety and depression skyrocketed. 

In the midst of this, my confidence fell, my dreams seemed to be crushed, fears of the future and what other people thought of me consumed me. I struggled to trust God, I withdrew from everyone I loved, and anger quickly replaced the joy I had in my heart. Those were dark, scary days.

Fast forward to today though and I can now be found confident, determined, and filled with the Lord’s joy. Complete hopelessness in this world led me right back to the arms of Jesus, and the rest is history. Ok, maybe that’s not the full story, but you’ll see pieces of that beautiful journey interspersed throughout this blog.

Desperation and a lack of answers from many, many doctors and specialists led me down the path of functional medicine, where I finally found some answers for my many mysterious health problems, I finally found freedom from my mental illness, and I began the journey to regaining a life free of pain.

That’s when I learned one of the biggest lessons I could have ever learned about walking through trials—mindset is critical. Faith in Jesus is everything. The words we speak over ourselves have real power. This introduction page used to identify me as a “chronic pain fighter” and as one who was walking through chronic illness, learning to accept it.

But, I chose to change it. Instead of saying I’m walking through chronic pain, I say I am walking a path of healing. Instead of saying I’m a chronic pain fighter, I say God is actively healing me, a little bit everyday. Some days that healing looks and feels physical, other days it appears to be more spiritual than anything—but regardless, I am not stuck in a pit of suffering anymore, because I know with both my head and heart that I’ve been pulled out of the pit and set on a road of recovery and redemption.

And that’s why I’m here—I’m a wife and mother striving to live a life of courage and true, obedient FAITH in the midst of a hard spiritual battle. I am a child of God who knows there are many angels fighting on my behalf, that God has already healed so many parts of me and will continue to heal me, whether fully in this life or the next—In Jesus name, I am healed. My battle isn’t against flesh and blood, it’s against spiritual forces in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6).

So, having learned these things and experienced Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit—I am here to bring life and hope to others who feel like they are in a deep pit they can’t escape. I am writing to give you encouragement, to offer wisdom and help, and to let you know there is someone so passionate about those walking through trials of many forms that she is praying for you and every reader of this blog.

In Jesus I am free, courageous, bold, and strong. And I want that for you too!

I hope you will join me and the tribe of other women subscribed to this blog to share a message of faith, hope, and health to a hurting, broken world. If you're excited to be a part of this inspiration and encouragement, to join in the conversations here and help to empower our readers, fill out your details below and I'll send you weekly encouragement and occasional updates on what's happening over here on the blog! Until then, let's connect on Instagram

♥ Sydney Kirkpatrick