hi there, i'm sydney kirkpatrick

Mental Health Advocate. Chronic Pain and Illness Fighter. Functional Medicine Nut. I love Jesus and theology, inspiring women through the Word of God, and encouraging people to faithfully press on in the midst of trials and suffering. Keep scrolling to read my full story! 


A few years ago I could be found crippled by anxiety and depression with my home and marriage falling apart. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, my faith in God was wavering, and I felt like a hopeless mess of a wife. When I thought things couldn't get worse...they did. 

I quickly found my physical health starting to fail me at just 23 years old. Digestive problems I'd had for years got worse, leaving me severely bloated, nauseous, and uncomfortable each day. Pelvic pain and bladder pain that was barely noticeable after my first childbirth became worse with each passing day of my second pregnancy, rising to unbearable levels after delivering my second son. Brain fog, joint pain, and dizziness that I thought were just "my normal" resulted in multiple falls down the stairs, flaring my pelvic pain even worse. I developed nerve pain and uncomfortable sensations over my entire body. And, as all these health issues worsened over the course of a couple years, my anxiety and depression skyrocketed. 

In the midst of this, my confidence fell, my dreams seemed to be crushed, fears of the future and what other people thought of me consumed me. I struggled to trust God, I withdrew from everyone I loved, and anger quickly replaced the joy I had in my heart. Those were dark, scary days.

Fast forward to today though and I can now be found confident, determined, and filled with the Lord’s joy. Complete hopelessness in this world led me right back to the arms of Jesus, and the rest is history. Ok, maybe that’s not the full story, but you’ll see pieces of that beautiful journey interspersed throughout this blog.

Desperation and a lack of answers from many, many doctors and specialists led me down the path of functional medicine, where I finally found some answers for my many mysterious health problems, I finally found freedom from my mental illness, and I began the journey to regaining a life free of pain. Well, hopefully; I’m still working on this last part!!

I still experience pain daily and my bladder is still my worst enemy, but in the midst of this battle I took a stand. I told the devil to get behind me in the name of Jesus. I took my dear Grandpa’s advice and “got off my butt and stopped feeling sorry for myself.” I decided that if I was going to suffer, I was going to find a way to bring glory to God through it.

So, here I am! That’s who I am—the girl determined to make good of a lousy situation. I’m the wife and mother striving to live a life of courage in the midst of trials--battles with anxiety and depression, battles with chronic illness and pain, battles in the spiritual realms.

In Jesus I am free, courageous, bold, and strong. And I want that for you too!

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♥ Sydney Kirkpatrick