Mental Health Advocate. Functional Medicine Nut. Wife. Mother. And, most importantly, child of God. I exist to spread the amazing love and peace that our God offers us through His Son. I am here in this space to inspire, motivate, and empower women, through the Word of God, to live lives worthy of the calling they, we, have received (Ephesians 4:1).


I always joke that my favorite hobby is studying and researching, and I’m always told that it isn’t a real hobby. Yet, it’s the greatest passion of my heart to study Scriptures, theology, and how to connect with God in a way that helps us live reminiscent of that fact that our “eternity with Jesus” starts the minute we offer our lives to Him and accept His amazing grace.

I’m multi-passionate in my studies though, and God has also laid a great passion on my heart to serve women battling anxiety, depression, and chronic illness. He gave me a call to serve in this area when I was in high school, but it took me 10 years to figure out what that looked like and what He had in mind, though I’m certain this is only a snapshot of something more that is yet to be revealed.

That’s the beauty of our God, right? Equipping us before He sends us out. Giving us spoonfuls at a time, knowing we can’t possibly wrap our brain around His full, magnificent plans.

During these transformative years, God has equipped me to help inspire people through my own personal health testimony; to educate and motivate them to care for their bodies through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle; and to empower them through healthy living and the renewing of their mind (through Christ) to live freely for Him and to find peace and contentment in any situation.

I hope you’ll grab a cup of your favorite cozy beverage (I’m a fan of Dandelion tea and decaf coffee over here!) and get started here by reading my testimony and hopping over to instagram to connect with me! It’s here that you will see how my own diet transformation and experience with functional medicine and Biblical counseling helped me to overcome my anxiety and chronic illness.

Read it to see that there is hope. Read it to know you are not alone. But most importantly, read it to be encouraged, knowing that God has power to comfort and heal (even if it’s not the specific healing we think we need).

Jesus wants to give us life. FULL life (John 10:10). He wants to give us peace, and freedom, and joy.

And over and over and over he reveals in Scripture that the righteous ones receive this. And what a gift, an incredible gift, that Jesus redeemed us so we can actually be righteous. And, what a treasure to have the Holy Spirit living within us to spur us on, convict us, train us, and raise us up to righteous living.

Not through our own power, not through our own works, and not by our own will—but simply because He tells us we are worthy and He chose to cover us with His own sacrifice.

I’m so thankful you are here! I’m excited to teach you about health and pass along all the great resources that have helped me overcome my mental health and chronic pain/illness battles, but most of all to show you the God who walks with each and every one of us through even the hardest, most difficult times!

He’s our hope! And I hope you are reminded of that in a clear way every time you pop over to this corner of the internet!  



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